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Earth4Energy Review

You've probably seen all of the hyped up ads and listings for a product called Earth4Energy and we're here to set the record straight. Our main question: Is Earth4Energy a Rip Off or Scam?

To find out more, continue reading this Earth4Energy Review!

If you aren't already familiar with Earth 4 Energy, it is one of several renewable energy ebook products available in the pdf format, which you can purchase online and download instantly.

The Earth4Energy.com website claims that the Earth4Energy manual shows you how you can build a DIY renewable energy power generating system including a windmill, wind turbine, wind generator or solar power system for your home, and produce your own electricity using homemade solar panels and/or wind power...for less than $200! So we decided to take on the challenge and put Earth 4 Energy to the test.


Earth 4 Energy History

[October 2008]

We'd noticed this product's popularity start to rise dramatically so we began to keep an eye on Earth4Energy.com


[January 2009]

Earth 4 Energy sales continued to grow even though it was wintertime, so this was a pretty good indicator that people liked it! We figured it must have some value.

[February 27, 2009]
We decided to buy the Earth4Energy package which sells for around $99, but they had a special sale going on where

we saved $50 & got it for under $50. The price was really reasonable and we bought it so we could put Earth4 Energy to the test!

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50% off if it's still available.)

[March 14, 2009]

After reading and studying the Earth4Energy manual, we began to gather the items we needed to build a small windmill or wind turbine electricity generator and locate some inexpensive solar panels (PV cells) as explained in the E4E eBook.

For more info on locating items for your project, check these pages: Windmills, Wind Generators, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Energy Products.

[March 27, 2009]

We received items we'd located and purchased for making a solar panel and a small wind generator. The fun begins!


[March 28, 2009]

We spent approximately six hours assembling & testing the solar panel using the techniques described in the Earth4Energy handbook. The results were very promising.


[March 29 & 30, 2009]

Building a wind generator was a bit more challenging and we're glad we had help from the Earth 4 Energy guide. It would have been much more difficult without that information!

We spent a total of 17 hours constructing, testing & tweaking our wind turbine. You can build your own windmill and have it producing electricity in the span of 1 weekend.

[July 2009]


News Flash!!!!!


We found a SECRET Earth4Energy Sale Link!

Get Earth4Energy here for $49.97 !

[November 2009]

Our wind generator & solar panel are both still providing FREE ELECTRICITY! One thing we have noticed is that on cloudy days, the windmill tends to spin more & does the bulk of the electricity generation & on sunny days, the wind isn't usually as strong & the solar panel really supplies the larger amount of electric power! They really compliment each other and provide a fairly steady supply of electrical power.


[February 2012]

Thanks to earth4energy, we continue to generate FREE ELECTRICITY!


We've heard many differing opinions about the value of Earth4Energy & some say it's a scam. I can honestly say that it has helped us generate quite a bit of free energy & is worth every penny for someone who wants to begin to generate their own wind / solar energy on a budget.


[February 2015]

Our wind generator finally needed a replacement part after more than five years of generating FREE ELECTRICITY!

Fantastic return on our investment!


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About this site

Earth4Energy Review

This Earth4Energy review site was built to help those who are looking to do something positive about our planet's current energy crisis which is also directly related to the rapid global warming that is dramatically affecting all life on Earth, including Human Beings.

The focus of our product review is the Earth 4 Energy kit. The Earth4Energy guide is an 80 plus page eBook containing valuable information on how an average homeowner can make their own free electric power for electricity at home mainly using solar energy and wind energy.

The Earth4Energy package includes an easy to follow, Step-by-Step DIY guide on how to build your own solar panels inexpensively and also how to make your own windmill / electricity generator. There are also some easy to follow free videos included so you can see exactly how it's done!

Using the Earth4Energy.com manual will save money by lowereing your electric bill immediately, but will also have a positive impact on the environment as well.


If you are the type of person who cares about saving energy, helping the environment, and saving money, then by all means, read on!

Our goal was to see if it were possible to make our own homemade solar panel and home wind generator for under $200 each as outlined in the Earth 4 Energy guide. We also wanted to make sure that these devices would actually produce free reliable electricity. Read this Earth4Energy Review!

Read the time line on the left to see how our earth4energy project has progressed.

Earth4Energy Review

Q&A / Results



Q: Can I build a homemade solar panel for under $200?

A: We did it for $183 using the methods describe in the Earth4Energy manual.

Q: Can I build a wind generator for under $200?

A: The windmill materials cost us $167, but there were $75 additional costs for the mast & mounting hardware.

Q: Was it easy to do?

A: If we can do it, almost anyone can!

It helps if you are handy & are familiar with hand tools & power tools. Simple step by step instructions will walk you through your energy saving project.

Q: How much power is produced?

A: Our basic systems are producing approximately 1000 watts combined on average. This varies depending on how sunny or windy it is at any given time.

Q: How can I get more wattage?

A: The beauty of this plan is that you can scale it up by adding more solar cells or building a larger windmill than we did.

Q: What else do I need?

A: The best approach is to buy at least several batteries to store the energy that you produce. You will also need a voltage inverter which converts the DC electricity to AC electricity so it can be connected to your home's power panel. These item costs can vary significantly, but are readily available.

Q: Can this reduce my electric bill?

A: Absolutely! It will reduce your electric bill & you will very quickly recover the installation costs.

Q: Is there a better way to generate free energy?

A: This is an entry level system for those on a budget. If money is no object, then yes, there are many VERY EXPENSIVE commercial products available.